Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Middleware questions

1. How is REST different from SOAP?
2. How can you map CRUD operations to REST operations?
3. How will you provide authentication and authorization in REST services?
4. Advantage of using API management tools such as API Connect?
5. How to use Swagger? Please explain how Swagger can be used for defining REST APIs?
6. What is MQTT? How is it different from JMS or AMQP?
7. What QoS of MQTT should we enable for our project?
8. How does Request/Response RPC work with AMQP?
9. What are web-sockets? How are they different from REST services?
10. How do you define API contracts? What are the standards?
11. What is Docker? What is Kubernetes?
12. What is ELK? How is it used for Logging along with Log4J?
13. What is Cloudant? How is data stored in Cloudant?
14. How can Kibana and ES be used for dashboards and other visualizations?
15. How to implement materialized views in DashDB?